• Bernardinho
    Bernardinho Volleyball

    One of the most outstanding coaches of all time. Bernardinho was head coach for the Brazilian women’s National team from 1994 to 2000. Since 2001, he has been ahead of the Brazilian National Men’s team, a team that won the World League for the 8th time in 2006. In this same year, Bernardinho was voted best head coach for the Olympic Brazil Awards for the 4th time. And it didn’t stop there. In 2007, he was voted best head coach in the women’s national Super League (Brazil’s women national championship) and, in that same year with the Men’s National Team, won the Volleyball World Cup for the second time. In 2010, he led the Men’s National Team to the third World Championship title. Bernardinho is now the head coach for Vôlei Clube Rexona Ades’, a women’s volleyball team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that has recently won it’s 10th Brazilian Super League championship. On top of this, Bernardinho is the creator and CEO of an organization called Instituto Compartilhar (translated freely to Sharing Institute) that promotes social inclusion projects for children through education and sports. A professional that Olympikus is proud to sponsor and support.

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  • Obra Sanitarias
    Obra Sanitarias Basketball

    Argentine Basketball had its best years in the 70s and 80s, winning the Torneo Apertura and the Torneo Oficial de La Federación de Capital. Internationally, it was the World Club champion in 1983, winning against the Italian team Jolly Colombani Cantú. We are proud of providing sport clothes for Obra and have it as our first sponsored Basketball club in Argentina.

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  • Liceo Naval
    Liceo Naval Rugby

    Liceo Naval Club is the first Rugby team sponsored by Olympikus. The Argentine club was founded in 1953 and has among its players Juan Fernández Löbbe, current sub captain of the Argentine national team, his brother Ignacio Fernández Löbbe and Eduardo Simone. The team takes part in tournaments of the Buenos Aires Rugby Union and it is Olympikus' bet in this sport which is gaining more and more popularity in Argentina.

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  • Banco Nación
    Banco Nación Rugby

    Club Atlético Banco de la Nación Argentina was founded by young employees of the Banco Nación who sought a way of improving the good relationship they had out of the office. Initially with 45 people, with the support of the President of the Bank, Ramon Santamarina, the club started its matches and today ranks as one of the main teams of Argentine Rugby and makes part of Olympikus sponsored teams.

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  • Club Atlético Rosario Central
    Club Atlético Rosario Central Soccer

    In the late 1880, a group of workers from the Central Argentine Railway (Ferrocarril Central Argentino) met every day after work to play soccer in vacant lots in the northern region of Rosario. It was on Christmas' eve of 1889 that, gathered in a bar and led by the Englishman Thomas Mutton, they decided to found the Central Argentine Railway Athletic Club, today being called Club Atlético Rosario Central. The club won the Argentine Championship 4 times, being their biggest achievement the 1995 Copa Conmebol, nowadays known as the Copa Sulamericana (South American Cup). Among the several players who have marked its history, we can mention the striker Mario Kempes, who, in 1978, was the leader of the Argentine National Team in the conquest of its first World Cup. Being beside another big Argentine club with so much history, titles and a huge crowd of supporters widens the identification and the strength of Olympikus in international soccer.

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  • Argentino Juniors
    Argentino Juniors Soccer

    Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors is a team of great tradition in Argentine soccer. In 1985, the team conquered the Americas after being the champion of the Libertadores da América Championship. Their last title came in 2010 in the Clausura Tournament, when the coach Claudio Borghi, who, in 1985, was part of the America's champion team, led the team in another exciting achievement. For Olympikus, it is a pride to open borders in international sport and sponsor a club with such history and tradition as the Argentine Juniors.

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  • Cruzeiro Esporte Clube
    Cruzeiro Esporte Clube Soccer

    Olympikus couldn't be prouder with this partnership. After all, Cruzeiro is a strong team, which has won several titles such as Libertadores da América Championship, Brazilian and Mineiro Championships, Recopa and Tríplice Coroa. From 2012, Olympikus became the official brand of the moment, keeping a relationship which had started in 2009 between Vulcabras and Cruzeiro through Reebok brand. Our relationship with Cruzeiro's supporters through marketing actions, mainly the creation of the casual collection of the club, is a factor that makes this partnership a great success.

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  • Rio de Janeiro Volêi Clube – Unilever
    Rio de Janeiro Volleyball Clube – Unilever Volleyball

    Univeler team, formerly called Rexona-Ades, is considered one of the most successful projects of women's volleyball in the last decade. And it is not for less, with the coach Bernardinho and with Olympic athletes such as Fabiana and Fabi, Unilever is one of the greatest Brazilian champions in Women's Volleyball Superliga (Super League), winning the title for 8 times. In addition, it has won the Brazil Cup, has won the Salonpas Cup 3 times, among other victories. The team, sponsored by Olympikus for 5 seasons, is also recognized for developing an important social work and has already helped more than 70 thousand children throughout its history.

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  • Racing
    Racing Soccer

    The history of Racing Club is written by starts and is filled with achievements. Counting only the professional era of the Argentine Championship, Racing has raised the Cup 7 times. It also played and won the FIFA World Cup, Libertadores da América Championship and Supercopa, achievements that are the pride of the third largest and one of the most passionate supporters in Argentina. From 2010, their history has been written along with Olympikus, the new supplier of Racing sport material.

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  • Bolívar
    Bolívar Volleyball

    2002 FIFA World Cup held in Argentina led the country to live a real Volleyball fever. It was in this climate that Bolivar was founded, a team that has changed the map of the sport in the country. In less than a decade of existence, the team has already won over 20 titles. The list of achievements includes tournaments in and out of Argentina, including the highly competitive Argentine League, conquered in the 2008/2009 season, and maintains constant presence in top positions of the table. The partnership with Olympikus comes to crown a winning trajectory, always with an eye on larger achievements.

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  • Sada Cruzeiro
    Sada Cruzeiro Volleyball

    Founded in 2006, under the name Sada Volleyball, the team from Minas Gerais is already among the top teams in the country. It was created through a partnership between the city of Betim and Grupo Sada, their official sponsor at that time. In the year 2009, in an unprecedented partnership with Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, the team was renamed Sada Cruzeiro Volleyball, and they have already conquered fans. In their first year of participation in the Superliga, the team sponsored by Olympikus, showed the best average attendance in the championship and, in the 2011/2012 season, was consecrated champion. Score to Sada Cruzeiro Volleyball.

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  • Lanús
    Lanús Soccer

    Founded in 1915, the Club Atlético Lanús stands out as a great strength of the Argentine soccer. Conmebol's champion in 1996 and vice in 1997, Club Atlético Lanús shows that is here to stay among the greatest teams of the country. It was the national champion in 2007, with a campaign marked by the team's strength and by the unconditional support of its fans. From 2010, the team counts on the support of Olympikus and the passion of fanatic fans to dispute the Libertadores da América Championship.

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  • CBV
    CBV Volleyball

    The Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) is a private entity of non-economic purposes, responsible for dissemination, coordination and standardization of volleyball practice nationwide. Founded in 1954, it is affiliated to the Brazilian Olympic Committee (Portuguese COB) and the FIVB- Fédération Internationale de Volleyball, representing, currently, the most important volleyball entity in Brazil. CBV performs the main Brazilian Championships, including Superliga and the Beach Volleyball Circuit. In addition, it oversees all the activities of the Brazilian teams, and also the development of social and educational programs. Olympikus has been the official supplier of sports material for Brazilian teams since 1997. Olympikus sponsorship covers all volleyball categories, involves 25 thousand pieces of clothing per year and they are guaranteed up to 2016, year of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Social Projects

  • Instituto Viva Volleyball
    Instituto Viva Volleyball Social Volleyball

    VivaVôlei is a volleyball initiation program. The goal is to help with the education and socialization of boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14 through sports. The project began in 1999 through the work of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV), the governing body of the sport in Brazil. In 2003, CBV created the VivaVôlei Institute (OSCIP) in order to provide credibility and transparency to the Program. VivaVôlei is now present in all regions in Brazil with over 80 activity centers and attending to around 25 thousand children and teenagers from poor communities in 18 Brazilian states, creating around three hundred and fifty direct and indirect jobs. The main difference these centers offer is that they are properly equipped to teach Mini-Volleyball to children in Brazil.

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  • Instituto Compartilhar
    Instituto Compartilhar Volleyball

    The Compartilhar Institute (translated freely to Sharing Institute) is a nonprofit organization created in 2003 by Bernardo Rocha de Rezende, also known as Bernardinho, head coach for the Brazilian Men’s National team, World and Olympic Champion, current head coach for Rexona-Ades, a women’s volleyball team in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and an athlete sponsored by Olympikus. With it’s own methodology, the Compartilhar Institute promotes human development through sports, teaching volleyball by combining a playful manner with the intentional work of four core values: cooperation, responsibility, respect and autonomy – during the entire class. Children and teenagers between ages of 9 and 15, mainly from public schools, have access to this mini-volleyball methodology that respects the motor and psychosocial stages of their development. Learn more about the Compartilhar Institute at www.compartilhar.org.br

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Sports Eventos

  • Instituto Viva Voleibol
    Rio Marathon Run

    Since 2011, Olympikus is the official sports brand of the Rio de Janeiro Marathon’s, one of the most beautiful and important track events in the world. The event brings together over 25 thousand runners each year for Marathon (42km), the Half Marathon (21km) and the Olympikus Family Run (6km). The last one takes on the Olympikus name and aims to encourage the participation of new runners.

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