Active for over 60 years in the Brazilian shoe market, and since 1952 under the corporate name Companhia Industrial Brasileira de Calçados Vulcanizados S.A., today we are a company that manages leading brands. More than that, we are committed to always offering the best we have to our clients. We look at the consumer, and research people’s buying habits and lifestyles. That is the only way to better understand our target audience.

We have invested heavily to evolve all the company’s product lines, seeking in each of our brands’ DNA the strongest features we have in each of the company’s divisions. Currently, we have two areas: a sports one, which includes brands Olympikus, OLK and Botas Vulcabras, and a feminine one, with brands Azaleia, Dijean and Opanka.

We employ over 16 thousand collaborators, who are distributed among five units in Brazil, of which three are productive units (Ceará, Bahia and Sergipe), one is a development center in Rio Grande do Sul, and one is an administrative hub in São Paulo. We further resort to two branches/distribution centers in Peru and Colombia. In addition, we own the largest Technology and Product Development Center in Latin America. More than 1,000 models are developed each year. We have specialized even further and, today, not a day goes by at the company that we do not think about Innovation.

We are restless, because we do not want to simply sell shoes or sports gear, we want to fulfill our consumers’ wish, whether it is that of getting the best deal, by means of the market’s best cost-benefit ratio, or buying an iconic fashion product or exclusive technology. The company sells its products by means of commercial representatives and distributors, also servicing direct clients in more than 30 countries, reaching over 15 thousand sales points in the Brazilian market, and 3 thousand abroad. We work every day because we now that each pair of shoes we sell is the fulfillment of a consumer’s dream, whether in Brazil or anywhere else in the world.